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Why are we here?

KidTix seeks to include our often-forgotten children and families in quality community, educational, and entertainment events and activities. In doing so, KidTix hopes to bring a source of joy, however small, to children and families who, otherwise, may never have a chance to participate fully in our enriching community resources.

Have you ever attended an outstanding performance or a sporting event and thought, "What a shame there are so many empty seats? Why couldn't those seats be used by underprivileged children?" We had the same thought!

KidTix was established in 2006, when we were struck by the number of empty seats at various shows, games, and performances that we attended. At the same time, we realized that there was a large, underserved population of children and their families that could benefit enormously from exposure to such wonderful events.

KidTix is a Phoenix-based organization committed to enriching the lives of underserved and underprivileged children. KidTix fulfills its mission by obtaining tickets to a wide variety of local events and attractions - including educational, cultural, entertainment, and sporting events - and enabling those children served by hundreds of social service agencies and community groups located in the often forgotten neighborhoods, to attend these events. In so doing, KidTix enables these children to participate as full members of our community and enjoy opportunities that they otherwise would never experience.

Our collaboration with Social and Human Services agencies will allow children and their families to enjoy and learn from field trips to quality and worthwhile events. Together we provide these children the opportunity for inclusion in some of the most important community resources, assets, and events. Opportunities that they are too often inadvertently excluded from and that many of us take for granted.

Here at KidTix, we are committed to giving children the opportunity to see shows, concerts, sporting events, theatre and family events they would normally never have the chance to see. How we do this is by cooperation with promotion companies, sponsors, venues and shows to give us blocks of tickets so we can offer them to different family-focused organizations and enable children and families to enjoy quality time outside the home without worrying about the cost.

We are always looking for sponsors, promotion companies, venues and organizations to provide us with the tools to continue to help underprivileged children and families. Please email us if your company is interested in providing KidTix with tickets to shows, events, concerts, movies, sporting events.


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